Arthur Becker: The Marvelous Brooklyn Technology and Real Estate Investor Extraordinaire

Are you in need of financial assistance for your science or technology start-up? Do you know about the superb and wonderful Arthur Becker from Brooklyn, New York? Becker is an investor, concentrating mostly in real estate. The 66 year-old Becker used to be a broker and earned money by purchasing various organizations around the late 1990’s. Recently, Arthur Becker became interested in beautiful Florida and hustling and bustling New York City real estate. Becker loves the area and increasing market for real estate, which he is getting involved more than he had expected.

Becker partnered with Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney’s facility, located in upper Manhattan. They are determined to provide the very best living within a really tall narrow building and make the aesthetics of the facility like no one has ever seen. Arthur Becker is also invested in a building created by Robert and Maloney Gladstone’s Madison Equities. This beautiful looking building is a 16-story condo, which is on 10 Sullivan Street that provides a wonderful view of the city with each having unique balconies, which can be accessed by a sliding window. Becker becomes proud of himself after he sees the aftermath of his hard work come to fruition and let the people walking by know that he was involved in the construction and creative choices of that building that is seen by many people. Check out Perez Hilton to know more.

Around the 1950’s, he grew up in the greater areas of Brooklyn, New York. Becker obtained his Bachelors around 1969 and was so proud to have obtained it. His degree that Becker proudly acquired, focuses on the importance of ceramics and historic photography. Around 1992, Becker married his wonderful wife, designer Vera Wang who was delighted to spend his life with him. Both of them working together, they would work together as a team, which allowed Becker to expand his specialty in technology, ceramics, finance, networking, real estate, and art.

In the 1990’s, Becker had such a passion for art that he would soon experiment with photographic texture and stylistic images, and soon he introduced a unique style of visual effects, which became common to paintings. Becker always gave great importance to his projects, which are easily seen by many spectators who enjoy the view of art. He would talk with people who stare at his art for a long time so that they can further down the road be possibly interested in buying more of his work that he proudly worked hard to construct.