Doe Deere Establishes Lime Crime Cosmetics to Build Confidence in Women

Most successful people invest in face makeup and morning beauty routines for a beautiful look. This is because beauty routines play a major role in maintaining the looks of a person. One such individual who has invested in healthy beauty routines is Doe Deere, a makeup mogul who owns a company for beauty regimen. As the founder, creator and head cheerleader of Lime Crime, Doe Deere focuses on empowering women to believe in themselves. It is no wonder she starts her day with a healthy beauty regimen encompassing products that play a critical role in maintaining a smooth, supple skin. Her morning rituals couple powerful, healthy routines.


Doe’s day begins at 8:30 a.m. She focuses on ensuring that she gets enough sleep on the night before. According to her, sleep is a vital factor to consider when it comes to acquiring a beautiful skin. In fact, she does not need an alarm clock to time herself because she refers to it as an inbuilt clock. Doe’s discipline in waking up on time for her beauty routine is admirable. As it is well known, water plays a key role in flushing out toxins. Being a cleanser for the body, Doe begins her day with a glass of water. This is because she resides in Los Angeles, a dry area. Therefore, staying hydrated is an important factor to consider. She follows it up with a series of stretches. Although she is not athletic, Doe understands that it is important to stretch the muscles and loosen the back. Her breakfast comprises fruits and healthy juices. Doe is a health freak. She believes that humans are what they eat.

Company and

Doe was born in Russia. She, however, grew up in New York. Being passionate about makeup and beauty, she invested in a company that generates good makeup regimens for her people. She heads Lime Crime Cosmetics and has been in charge of the firm since its establishment. This company produces more than just cosmetics that conceal facial marks. To Doe, the company was built to empower women regarding beauty. She chairs the board as well as the departments that come up with the ingredients for manufacturing cosmetics. The objective of Lime Crime Cosmetics is to provide perfect cosmetics for individuals. Through these cosmetics, Doe has built a platform that promotes freedom of speech as well as that of expression.


To Doe, beauty is not about being natural or the best looks that the world has. Beauty is about being comfortable at the moment. As long as an individual feels comfortable and confident, Doe considers them beautiful. With that understanding, she established a success story that has built the confidence of many individuals since 2008. Lime Crime Cosmetics is a colorful as well as a magical cosmetics line. Aside from being bold, vibrant and intensely pigmented, Lime Crime Cosmetics offers an international line of cosmetics encompassing lipstick, foundation, highlighter and eye shadows among others. The name of the company was generated from her passion for makeup. The result has been a cosmetics line that promotes confidence building and economic empowerment in women.