Karl Heideck Analyzes Philadelphia Complaints On Wells Fargo

The city of Philadelphia claims that Wells Fargo is forcing the blacks and the Hispanic into taking high-interest loans to make profits. The residents also stated that the bank is restricting black borrowers to refinance the mortgages and claiming higher interest rates compared to the white borrowers. It was investigated for more than a year before filing the case, and it was proven when data in wells Fargo showed how much the blacks pay as interest and the much white borrowers pay.

The city is, therefore, asking for unspecified finance damages along with stopping the bank to practice discriminatory lending. The bank practiced this for ten years, and that type of borrowing affected the residents since most residents are blacks and the Hispanics. The value of the properties dropped, crime rates increased, and frequent incidents of vandalism were reported due to this borrowing. Wells Fargo practiced redlining where they denied lower interest loans to the loyal customers because of their race or the locations. However, wells Fargo denied the claims stating that it uses fair lending practices.

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