Roberto Santiago, Displaying Above Average Drive And Creativity

Brazilian entrepreneur and real estate developer, Roberto Santiago started his first business at an early age. He was a supplier and distributor of folding cartons, made of paperboard. After his initial entrepreneurial endeavor, Santiago later entered the world of real estate development and construction, first purchasing a nondescript plot in João Pessoa. João Pessoa is a coastal city, with stunning views of the Paraiba River. There was nothing worth noting about the property, because it was a basic lot for real estate construction projects. But, it lead him to his biggest development ever, the Manaira Shopping Center.


The Manaira Shopping Center, transformed Roberto Santiago from an “unknown” into a renown Brazilian real estate developer. Manaira is the top shopping complex in all of Paraiba. Santiago began construction in 1987 and the entire project was completed two years later. The Manaira revolutionized shopping forever, bringing together everything, conveniently located in one place. In 2009, an air conditioned root top space was added, Domus Hall. Before this space, Manaira Shopping Center already had a fitness center, a college, food courts and a movie theater with state-of-the-art sound, a separate amusement park, bowling alley and gaming center. Domus Hall is a large capacity venue with separate VIP cabins, it can host up to 10,000 people for theatrical performances, concerts, festivals, and trade shows and business conferences.


Roberto Santiago created an entertainment venue that invites the world in to experience a taste of Brazil’s distinctive culture. Through the addition of Domus Hall, Brazil has hosted various international artists’ concert performances. They’ve come from everywhere around the world and many see it as Santiago’s way of giving something back to the people of João Pessoa. João Pessoa is where Santiago grew up and it’s home to all of his entrepreneurial businesses. Before developing what’s referred to as the, “crown jewel of the city;” Roberto Santiago attended, Marist College-Brazil for his undergraduate studies and then completed his postgraduate degree in Business Administration at the University Center of João Pessoa.


With the development and construction of the Manaira Shopping Center, Roberto Santiago achieved worldwide acclaim. Manaira is listed as one of the biggest shopping complexes in the world. It takes a unique visionary to go from creating a folding carton business to developing a shopping center of gigantic proportions. Quite impressive to say the least. But that isn’t all there is to Santiago, he is also an expert sportsman. He has won 1st place in the Brazilian Karting Championships, on multiple occasions. Competing at the state championship level in both karting and motorcycle road racing. Roberto Santiago was named motocross champion of the 125 cc, 250cc and the paraibano 250 vc.