Todd Lubar Explains What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar is a real estate professional who lives in the city of Baltimore. As president of his own real estate company, TDL Global Ventures, he has found success offering mortgages to homebuyers. Additionally, he serves at another company he owns, Legendary Investments as the Sr. VP. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and has been counted amongst the top 25 mortgage originators a number of times. He also has experience in other industries as a result of the real estate crash that began in 2007.

As a mortgage originator, Todd Lubar has worked to eliminate the barriers that some borrowers encounter when seeking a mortgage. He developed a mortgage product that works on behalf of the homebuyers so that they can fulfill the dreams they have of owning their own home.

As someone that has established his own companies, Todd Lubar has advice for those who also seek to be entrepreneurs. He has said that the key is to be willing to work extremely hard. He says that owning a successful company entails a lot of work and will take all of your efforts. On, he also says that it can quite often feel both repetitive and mundane but you have to reflect on the bigger picture and that what you are doing is necessary for the success of your company.

It was in Washington D.C. that Todd Lubar grew up. After graduating from Sidwell Friends School in 1987 he became a student at Syracuse University. He graduated from this institution in 1995 and holds a degree in speech communication. He then entered the real estate industry as a mortgage officer and learned the trade.

Like many in real estate, Todd left the industry for a period of time when the housing market crashed in 2007. During this time he founded a number of companies. This included one that demolished dilapidated structures and hauled the leftovers off. He also opened a recycling company that took in materials such as metal, paper, and other items that can be repurposed. Once the housing recovery started he re-entered the real estate industry as that is the one that he loves the most.