Dick and Betsy Devos Have Done More for Charter Schools Than Anyone Else

Dick Devos is the husband of US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. He is a well known businessman, political activist, and philanthropist. While he was the CEO of Amway, he heard about a new plan to build a multipurpose sports facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He immediately recalled the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit and how it caused ruin to Detroit. He realized that this new center had the potential of doing similar harm, so he picked up the phone and started making calls, intent on stopping the plan from going through. Eventually, a committee was started called Grand Action. Not only did they work to prevent the creation of buildings that would hurt Grand Rapids, but they worked on creating several other buildings that improved it.


Betsy Devos and Dick Devos have always been fighters for the community. Betsy Devos is best known for her efforts to improve private education by helping children have more choices when it comes to the schools that they attend. Dick Devos has also done a lot of good work, such as pushing to make Michigan a right to work state so that everyone has a chance to work without needing to be in some union.


They are also known as philanthropists who donate a lot of money to the GOP party and Republican causes. However, that is far from the extent of their philanthropy. They donate millions of dollars to all kinds of causes, including art, churches, health, and more.


Their first efforts to help out struggling students was by trying to get Michigan to approve tax vouchers for private schools. They were not successful in Michigan, but they were able to achieve a great deal of success in other states. In fact, there are now tax voucher programs of some sort in almost half of all states.


Dick and Betsy Devos also started their own charter school in Michigan. It is called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It is a nonprofit high school that has hundreds of students learning to be pilots.


Betsy Devos’ long history of activism and philanthropy for education was one of the reasons that Donald Trump nominated her for Secretary of Education.


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