Ara Chackerian Reveals the Purpose Behing his Investment Strategy

According to Ara Chackerian life experience fosters the formation of ideas. In a recent interview the serial entrepreneur and angel investor described the purpose behind his decades of work. He stated that, “a conscious effort at the engagement of life fosters ideas.” This is what he gives the little start-ups he funds, the ability to pursue their ideas. For decades he has invested in the future of medicine, searching and searching for innovative companies. It is hard but rewarding work, because the outset is the betterment of the quality of life, and this is something Chackerian strives for more than anything.


Over the course of his career Chackerian has invested in various companies. He is the cofounder of BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx, and Embion. Currently he is the founder, and board member of TMS Solutions. TMS can to be in 2016 in a meeting Chackerian had with Dr. Richard Bermudas. Dr. Bermudas was a leading advocate for transcranial magnetic stimulation, but was trapped in spools of red tape due to insurance liability issues. Chackerian decided to found TMS based on Bermudas passionate belief in the benefit of TMS.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a treatment using electromagnetic waves to create an electric current in the brain. The current creates stimulation in the area it is focused on, and the stimulation has a variety of purposes. So far it has been clinically proven to treat major depressive disorder, and neuropathic pain. Dr. Bermudas hopes that because TMS is prone to positive results with depression, that the treatment may extend to other mental illnesses. Now with Chackerian’s backing he has the ability to research it.


Since 2016 TMS Solutions has constructed seven facilities throughout San Francisco and Sacramento. The facilities serve as outpatient centers. They work with various insurance plans, and are equipped with examination and treatment rooms. Chackerian advocates for the treatment, and is excited to see where the company will lead. Dr. Bermudas work is a key example of the innovation Chackerian supports. Experiencing life for the sake of ideas. You can follow their Twitter page.



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