Success from Organo Gold

The most recent video from Organo Gold is a business & product presentation. In the video, Rod Smith gives a presentation on 3 ingredients to business growth. The video starts by Rod sharing client testimonies before he gets into discussing the 3 key ingredients to business growth. This gives the viewer the ability to see that the content being presented is actually working. The ingredients are:


The first ingredient to business growth is the hook, getting a persons attention. This helps when recruiting new business. Read the reviews at


Find a story to Organo Gold to help that connects the product to the person. Tell a person your story first then give a client story to relate the product to the new consumer and finally tell team stories to bring the sale home. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.


Make an offer that is almost irresistible. Create an offer that the consumer cannot refuse. Through creating a strong hook and story, you will be able to make offers to consumers that they can’t refuse. The offer is a 5-step process. (1) Problem, (2) Solution, (3) Difference, (4) Extra, (5) Promise.

An approach that contains each of these three ingredients will help to grow your business and help you make more money in this industry.