Dr. Saad Saad rescues the Pediatric Sector with his Inventions.

The pediatric surgery has been one of the sectors in the medical industry that have been experiencing a myriad of challenges. This has called for innovation leaders in the sector to pull up their socks and try to save the precarious situation. One of the innovators, a renowned pediatric surgeon, Dr Saad Saad, has shown a tremendous contribution to the sector. The objective of this campaign is to provide quality medical services to the patients who desperately need it. Saad Saad has been practising medicine for more than 40 years. During his career, he has been observing the problems associated with the Pediatric surgery and has always wished to make improvements in the sector. This has triggered the pediatric surgeon to come up with two inventions that have turned tables for the sector.


Apart from the inventions made by Saad Saad, he has also been involved in the community medical services where he has been offering free medical services to children from less privileged families. He has been personally in the performance of many complex pediatric surgeries that have left him more than a hero to his community and the US at large. The patents of the two medical inventions are still under the possession of Dr Saad Saad. The inventions involve a new procedure for pediatric surgery that is aimed at reducing pain for the patients and also the risk involved. This has gone a long way to challenge the status quo and improve on the current procedures that for a long period have been used, despite being inferior.


Among Dr Saad Saad’s accomplishments is the invention of an electromagnetic device to locate catheters in patients’ bodies. Traditionally, the catheters in the bodies of patients have been detected using X-rays and MRI tests. This has proved hazardous to the patients’ health conditions due to the constant exposure of the patients to radiation rays. As a result, the patients are likely to contact other diseases associated with such rays like cancer and many others. To curb this, Dr Saad Saad’s invention has brought about safety in the sector because the device doesn’t need the internal scanning of the patients.


The second invention of Dr Saad entails the improvement in the use of the endoscopes. These are gadgets that are used to give pediatric surgeons the view of the inner body parts without having to perform the surgery on the patients. They are used to give them visual of the internal openings like the trachea, oesophagus, and maybe the nostrils. The challenge that the surgeons have been facing is the interruption of the body fluids. Saad Saad’s invention has brought about a device that can suck the fluids that could be obstructing the doctors during their examination. Learn more: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview