Instilling The Importance of Serving Others

Having worked his way to the top, proving his success is Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran who is the Executive Chairman of the Qnet, a Hong Kong based direct selling company owned by Eswaran’s the QI Group.

Born in Penang (one of Malaysia’s thirteen states), Eswaran graduated to earn a socio-economic degree from London’s School of Economics. After graduation, he worked a variety jobs which ranged from picking grapes in France to a driving a cab throughout the streets of London. Deciding to further his education, he enrolled in Southern Illinois University in 1986 where he graduated with an MBA. At this point of his life, he became involved in multilevel marketing (MLM) as he took a position with the U.S. company Synaptics. After returning to Malaysia, Eswaran considered MLM more in detail and soon he founded the QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran’s father, the late Pushpavathy Chinnaiah always hoped that his children would serve others in need and he made it a point to instill in them how important it is to give. Similar to his father’s teachings, Eswaran has did the same, particularly as he established the QI Group, since it allows individuals throughout the world to work at their own business as independent representatives. Here these individuals sell (and purchase) the company’s products, while establishing networks that will help them achieve a better way of life. Some of QNET’s products include vacation packages, watches and energy and nutrition products to enhance well-being. As the representatives refer products to their network of customers, they receive compensation. To help keep them motivated, Eswaran frequently participates and speaks at various conventions that include cheering rallies and training sessions which are attended by about 8,000 of these independent representatives.

One the most fascinating among Asia’s businesspeople, Eswaran has made sure to instill a philosophy of caring in his businesses. This can be seen in his forming of the Vijayaratnam Foundation, RYTHM Foundation and Taarana. These organizations focus on philanthropic activities that centers on children who are economically disadvantaged, require specific educational needs and those who may benefit from youth empowerment and mentoring. Recently the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute honored Vijay Eswaran with its Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership during its annual Malaysian Education Summit. They presented this prestigious award to recognize not only the success of his Quest International University Perak but his positive leadership skills.

Eswaran feels that a company is not a success, but rather its people are. Having been a businessman for years and working with a variety of individuals, he has found that the traits he values in others are those of honesty and good work ethics.