Jeunesse Global stakes out claim within Asian markets

The first time the Jeunesse Global founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis traveled to East Asia, they were electrified by what they found. Never had they seen such industrious, intelligent and innovative people in such large numbers. But as they went from one country to the next, traveling from South Korea to Japan to China and then on to Vietnam, the couple immediately noticed that some of the countries they had visited were doing far worse than others. The pattern, Ray and Lewis noticed, was that the countries in East Asia that had suffered under the oppressive boot of communism where in far worse financial and general socioeconomic condition then their capitalist peers. This told the couple that someday those formerly hardline communist countries of East Asia would open up to free market reforms, and this would create one of the richest economic opportunities that the world had ever seen, especially for astute entrepreneurs working in the consumer retail space.

Decades later, Ray and Lewis found themselves with nothing but spare time on their hands. They had recently retired, selling their latest venture for a small fortune and deciding to spend more time with each other and their growing brood of grandchildren. However, the industrious couple quickly grew discontented with having nothing in particular to do with their days. Before long, they had started selling a few cosmetic products out of their Florida estate. This was the beginning of Jeunesse Global, a company that would soon grow into one of the most important global cosmetics and health brands in the world.

As Ray and Lewis began to grow their company, they realized that the opportunities that they had noted so long ago throughout the East Asia region were now starting to come to fruition. Ray made a few phone calls. Before long, he had signed up more than a dozen of the best direct-marketing distributors throughout China and Vietnam. This would become one of the best business moves that the couple had ever made. Within just one year, Jeunesse Global had expanded to more than a hundred distributors, and the company was doing millions of dollars in sales every year.