The Team Behind the Ashley Lightspeed Partnership’s Success

Long before the Ashley Lightspeed partnership was ever put in place, Ashley Brasier was just another girl who enjoyed spending time with her father. Little did she know that the skills she was picking up as a hobby were going to play a very instrumental role in her future career. At a very young age, she and her father used to sit around and work on his architectural prototypes.

And since Ashley enjoyed their time together, she thought that she had found her career path as an architect. But that wasn’t going to happen since something else came into the picture – business. Thankfully, Ashley later came to find that just like the prototyping in architecture, business requires a lot of planning and creativity since its some kind of art, hence the creation of Ashley Lightspeed partnership years later.

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Ashley’s Educational Background

Before starting her career, Ashley Brasier was a student at Duke for a few years. After her graduation, she opted to specialized and for this to happen, Ashley Brasier had to spend some quality time at Copenhagen. Ashley Brasier later went on for further studies at Stanford GSB right before joining Lightspeed Venture Partners as explained below.

Her Career Before Lightspeed Venture Partners

Before the all-important Ashley Lightspeed partnership even came about, Ashley Brasier was engaged in other businesses. Some of these businesses include Bain where she first began as soon as she graduated from Bain. While there, Ashley held the position of consultant. But despite working too hard on the job, it did seem that after a few years, her talents lay elsewhere.

And that’s why the Copenhagen alumnus opted for Thumbtack where she was offered the category manager, a position Ashley Brasier considered a tad bit more operational. But after a while, Ashley felt the need to go back to school for further education. And that’s exactly how she ended up at Stanford GSB and later at Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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