Rick Cofer: Practicing Law and Caring for the Environment

Rick Cofer has an exciting story about his career. He began law practice as a prosecutor, but after nine years, he resigned. Rick had a vision of establishing his practice and running it. Rick’s firm represents people of Central Texas on a broad range of areas. It handles criminal issues in drug charges, domestic violence, drunk driving, murder, robbery, and sexual assault among others.

Besides practicing law, Rick is passionate about the community. He participates in activities that enhance the lives of people in Austin. In particular, Rick has an interest in recycling. It reduces environmental pollution, creates jobs for local people and avails materials for various products. Rick Cofer is the chairperson for Universal Recycling Ordinance. His passion for environmental preservation led to the ban of plastics bags in Austin.

Besides recycling, Rick is the vice chairperson of the board overseeing Austin Parks. This board has done a lot of work in acquiring land for the park, creating aquatics and recycling. Other boards Rick is serving are for ending homelessness, and yet another one for conserving a park. When Rick is not working on his farm or serving his community, he is exercising his civil rights.

Rick has worked severally in political campaigns. Being involved in politics is probably inevitable, especially for a prosecutor. Perhaps it will inspire a career in politics later in his career. Currently, he is focused on the ongoing projects of recycling and conservancy.

The idea of a plastic bag ban and recycling waste emanated from Rick’s frustration. Austin Park was being used as a waste management site. This was significant negligence of the city and environment. Earlier in the year, Rick created a task-force that would pursue reclaiming the park and introducing recycling as a waste management strategy.

Apart from being a prosecutor, community participant and running a law firm, Rick has former experience in other areas. For example, he was an attorney for a mental health facility. This opportunity was not a typical work thing. Rick had a chance to interact with social workers, nurses, and doctors. Mental healthcare is an essential part of proper living, and it should be available to all. Seeing healthcare professionals offer help to patients was a fulfilling encounter.

Over the years, Rick Cofer Law has achieved a lot, and yet pursue more accomplishments. These achievements came due to having a plan for every day. Rick ensures that all small tasks are completed before he is through with his day. For the long projects, Rick sets a day to look into them. Also, delegating duties to an assistant or employees is part of effective management. Rick has not succeeded entirely alone. He certainly has people who have supported and helped his efforts.