Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

Gino Pozzo is an entrepreneur who also owns the Watford FC. This professional football club, that’s based out of Watford, Hertfordshire, in England, was founded in 1898. Currently, Watford FC is a team that is in the Premier League. The Premier League is at the elite level when it comes to the U.K. football league system. And Gino Pozzo, who is an Italian Businessman, was given an offer by Prolific Media Holdings, a media company based in New York, for the football club.

Gino Pozzo has gained a bit of notoriety as the owner of Watford FC of late with potential business transaction happening with outside parties. When it comes to big music stars, there are very high-profile types like Sir Elton John who are lifelong fans of Watford FC. Moreover, in 1973 Elton John was Watford FC’s club’s president. He and also allowed to chair the club in the late ’70s. As the honorary life president of Watford, Elton John attended plenty of football matches over many years as well.

But like the many different roles that John had with the team, Watford FC has had their manager changes as well. And in 1976, Graham Taylor was the manager of Watford at the age of 32. During the time Elton John became the club’s chairman, Taylor was the manager. And in 1978, under Graham’s management, Watford clinched their Fourth Division title. The club ended up with ten-plus point difference than Southend United. Taylor was the club’s manager until the 1986–87 season when he moved on to Aston Villa, another pro football club.

As for the history of the Pozzo family and sports, the family’s beginnings with sports club and ownership started with Gino’s father, Gianpaolo. The elder Pozzo bought the Udinese club in Italy in 1986. The Pozzo family has had generations of family in the woodworking sector.